Austin Cocktails Bergamot Orange Margarita, 30 Proof

Austin Cocktails Perfect Bergamot Orange Margarita is modern spin on a classic margarita with far less sugar. This prepared margarita combines a full-bodied, blanco tequila with a floral, winter grown Italian bergamot orange that is more sour than sweet. To keep both the taste and body from being weighed down by sweet ingredients, we created our own natural triple sec with dramatically less sugar. We then upgraded to an exotic lime with less bite than the traditional Persian lime allowing essential oils from the rind and bright citrus to balance the smokiness of the tequila. Organic, golden agave gives the cocktail just the right amount of body. Super refreshing, crisp and not so sweet this pre-mixed cocktail has the added bonus of being naturally low calorie and makes for easy sipping for just about any occasion. Rim your margarita glass with salt, shake well and pour over ice! 15% ABV Bottled by Austin Cocktails