Grindstone Bakery Quinoa Millet Gluten Free Loaf

A very simple but very satisfying loaf made from quinoa and organic whole millet stone-ground at the bakery. Quinoa and millet (QM) are "grains" that contain myriad vitamins, minerals (high in magnesium) and antioxidants, and are rich in fiber and proteins. Quinoa itself has all 8 of the essential amino acids needed for good health, including lysine typically not found in plants. These grains are soothing and easy to digest. The action of natural lactic acid bacteria present in the special fermentation culture we developed for this bread neutralizes anti nutrients, breaks down proteins and frees antioxidants from bran and germ to nourish and protect you. Keeping up with our exceptional standards, we have faithfully followed our ancient baking principles.