Eco By Naty Wipes Unscented

"I don’t believe in compromises or shortcuts. If you want an eco-friendly diaper to be successful, it has to perform at least as well as the best traditional diaper.”The woman behind the words is Marlene Sandberg, the momtrepreneur who started ECO by Naty over 20 years ago. Then as now, the goal remains the same: to create the best, most natural and eco-friendliest baby products possible. The ECO by Naty wipes are the perfect, 100% compostable complement to our diapers. Additionally; with Naty you are assured that only natural materials will ever be against your baby’s skin or your skin. Go Greenest Today!Are the wipes compostable?Yes, they are entirely compostable. The packaging, however, is “only” recyclable (see full packaging question below). We’ve Got The Certificates To Prove ItCompostable Certifications:Eco-CertWe meet the requirements of a minimum of 95% plant-based ingredients in the formulation and a minimum of 10% of all ingredients by weight must come from organic farmingVincotteOwned by European Bioplastics, our Vincotte certificate ensures our wipes are completely biodegradable / compostable and are harmless for the composting process.FSCThis label means that all the wood for the pulp used in our products is responsibly harvested and is sourced with stringent FSC certification requirements.Swedish Asthma & Allergy AssociationA recommendation from SAAA is only possible if the product is completely hypoallergenic – no allergens, no perfumes and no other irritating substances whatsoever. Additionally, we have the support of the Swedish Environmental FoundationAre the wipes flushable?No, this specific kind of Naty wipes is not flushable. We have four variations of our Eco Sensitive Wipes: Unscented, Lightly Scented, Aloe Vera and Flushable. Only the last one mentioned is flushable – the rest of them should go in the bin or compost. Please note that a minimum of 6 liters of water is needed when flushing. Can I use the wipes on my baby’s hands and face?Although our wipes contain only safe, natural eco ingredients, we cannot explicitly recommend you to use them on your baby’s hands or face. This is simply a safety measure, since they are developed for use on bottoms only. A clean cloth and some warm water should do the trick for hand and face cleansing – or a nice bubble bath, if you’re little one is a dirty mess!Is the packaging made from renewable material?Yes, all of our products have completely recyclable packaging. Why are your wipes the greenest?No other wipes on the market have earned the independent “OK biobased 100%” certificate, which is pretty clear evidence of our eco-friendliness. We believe in certificates and transparency - greenwashing is our worst enemy." "Natural & Renewable MaterialCompostable wipes with natural ingredients extracted directly from plants as opposed to being made synthetically. Our wipes are made of responsibly harvested wood pulp from Scandinavian forests and are thus fully biodegradable. We also use natural ingredients extracted directly from plants, instead of creating them synthetically.Enriched with soothing Chamomile Extract. All of our products are 100% GMO free!Dermatologically tested. Extra Thick & SoftHelps prevent the causes of diaper rash. We’ve updated our wipes to be both thicker and softer. This is both for functional reasons – you won’t need more than one wipe per change – and comfort reasons. Babies love the feeling of a soft wipe too!Free from alcohol, chlorine, artificial fragrance & colors, parabens, phthalates. Chlorine & Fragrance FreeCertified by Eco Cert, Vincotte, FSC, the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association and the Swedish Environmental Foundation. Naty wipes are 100% totally chlorine free and contain no alcohol, parabens, phalates or artificial fragrance whatsoever – just another way we have reduced the amount of harmful chemicals coming into contact with your baby’s skin.Go Greenest!"