Honest Tea Heavenly Lemon Tulsi Glass Bottle, 16 fl oz

Just a tad sweet. 60 calories per bottle. USDA organic. Caffeine-free. Real tea. Real taste. Honest. Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is a naturally caffeine-free herb that has long been revered in its native India as a healing balm for mind, body, and spirit. We infuse organic tulsi with aromatic lemon peel, lemon myrtle and lemongrass for a soothing blend that transcends ordinary herbal tea. It will have you saying Ahhh, Ommm and Mmmm - all at the same time. Honestly yours, Seth & Barry. P.S. Basil in tea? Don't worry. Unlike its secular basil cousins that pair well with pine nuts and pasta, tulsi has a unique flavor that's been used in tea for thousands of years. We use glass bottles because they are laterally recyclable, which means they can be recycled back into glass bottles. This bottle contains approximately 10% recycled content. Please keep the (re)cycle going. Gluten free. No GMOs. Plant & tree. Certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic. www.honesttea.com.