Nature Factor Coconut Water

Isotonic sports drink. Revive. Refuel. Refresh. Replenish. USDA organic. Nature Factor Organic Coconut Water is the light, refreshing and nourishing juice found in the center of certified organic coconuts. Known as nature's isotonic sports drink, our coconut water provides an ideal balance of carbohydrates, potassium, magnesium, trace minerals and electrolytes - so important to replenish after exercise. Naturally low in calories and fat, it's the smart and healthy way to quench your thirst and restore well being. On a golden sand beach by warm turquoise waters, crack open a fresh young coconut from a nearby tree to drink the liquid treasure within. Everywhere else, just pop open a frosty can of Nature Factor Organic Coconut Water and enjoy delicious tropical refreshment. Right now! Convenience without compromise. Product of Thailand.