Vive Organic Shot Turmeric

Vive Organic Turmeric Boost Fresh Pressed Wellness Shot gives you an extra-strong dose of turmeric and fresh superfood favorites to kickstart your day. Who has time to eat or juice all the superfoods you need? Get all your immunity-boosting goodness in under five seconds with this organic juice shot. Each 2 fl oz turmeric shot features a farm-fresh blend of turmeric root, organic orange juice, organic lemon juice, and organic cayenne and black pepper for a kick to perk you up. For best results, take one of these immunity shots daily. Enjoy a potent juice shot before breakfast, school or traveling, or use one as a post-workout shot. Our team of holistic wellness doctors crafted the most synergistic balance of fresh-pressed superfoods to create a potent daily immunity shot that gives you a powerful kick you can feel. Vive shots contain no added sugar, artificial ingredients, flavors or colors and are never watered down, so you get the fresh proactive defense you need. Vive Organic Shots power your immune system while also embracing stewardship of the planet. This includes using recycled plastic and "ugly" produce to reduce food waste. Make proactive immunity support part of your daily routine, and spark your immunity with potent juice shots that pack a punch. You’ll feel it.