Revive Kombucha Kombucha 12 oz

Aka power duo. 40 cal per bottle. Caffeine free. USDA Organic. In-house, get the whole good for ya dl at Give us a shout at thirsty(at) Learn more about guarantee at Certified Organic by CCOF. Super tasty guaranteed. Our Mission: brews as good for ya as they are Super Tasty, guaranteed. We love this Power Duo brew, the cleansing and healing functions of turmeric — when activated by black pepper — but too much of that turmeric flavor can be like biting into a tree. So, we deliciously brighten this buch with an all-ginger culture and citrus party. Sean, Rebekah & The Buch Crew. Packed full of natural probiotics. Non GMO Project verified. Live from Sonoma Country, CA.