Alexandre Family Milk Grass Fed Whole

Our Alexandre Family Farm 100% Grass-fed Milk comes from cows that are pastured year round on our regenerative organic farm. Cows that eat only grass produce more nutrient-rich milk. 100% grass-fed organic dairy has significantly more omega-3s – the essential fatty acids that contribute to brain and eye health, especially in children. There is also a better balance of omega-6 to omega-3 in 100% grass-fed dairy – helping bring people’s ratio closer to the 2:1 ratio considered optimal for human health. CLAs (conjugated linoleic acids) – the healthy fats known for their evidence-based benefits – are highest in 100% grass-fed dairy. Our 100% Grass-fed milk is unique in dairy: We do not standardize the milkfat level to the national standard of 3.25% for Whole Milk. We leave the milkfat levels exactly as they are on the day of milking – so you get the changing milkfat levels that nature provides. We publish those changing milkfat levels on our website for each production run so you can see what the fat level is for each bottle you buy. Like our other bottled milks, we VAT pasteurize – low and slow – to preserve the delicious flavor of this nutrient rich milk with the cream on top.