Mooala Almondmilk Original

Plant-based. Meet Moala: He has spots like a cow but lives in a tree. In fact, he is almost exactly like a regular koala, except he picks nuts, seeds & fruit from his favorite trees, and blends them into the most delicious, organic plant-based beverages in a secret Mooala factory. Then, he leaves bottles at your favorite grocery store, hides, and waits for you to pick them up! (Sometimes he follows you home!) Pronounced like koala! (moo-ah-luh). Original doesn't have to mean boring. Our very first recipe, Original Almondmilk, is a delightful twist on the classic honey + nut combination. We blend roasted almonds with a drizzle of real, pure honey, and just the right amount of Mooala love. It's truly original. And it's truly delicious. Organic almonds. Organic honey. Carrageenan free. Koalas recycle and you should too! (Remove label before recycling). Texas owned & operated.