Mooala Oatmilk, Organic, Unsweetened Coconut

50 calories per serving. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. Plant-based & dairy-free. No added sugar. Gluten free. Excellent source of calcium. Carrageenan-free. Gluten-free oats. Not dairy milk-based. Vegan-friendly. Non-GMO. Free of dairy, lactose, soy, gluten and carrageenan (Allergen Statement: Manufactured in a facility that uses nut ingredients. While our ingredients do not contain gluten, our product is not certified gluten-free by an outside body.). We make goodness. For goodness' sake. Toasted oats blended with coconut cream? Yeah, we just did that. Our Coconut Oatmilk is the key to all your wildest dreams and the answer to all your deepest questions. Ponder this - no added sugar. gluten-free oats, and dairy-free ingredients all bottled up into creamy. plant-based goodness. Oats heck yeah! Real gluten-free oats. Real coconut cream. Real goodness. This is a Mooala - pronounced like koala moo-ah-luh. He has spots like a cow but lives in a tree. In fact, he is almost exactly like a regular koala except he picks nuts, seeds and fruit from his favorite trees, blends them into delicious, organic, plant-based beverages in a secret Mooala factory. Shh!! He then leaves bottles at your favorite grocery store, hides and waits for you to pick them up. (Sometimes he follows you home) - and everyone lived happily ever after. Stay in touch! We're warm and fuzzy. Facebook: mooalabrands. Twitter; Instagram: mooala_koala. Texan owned & operated.