Organic Valley Milk Lactose Free NF

Thank you for choosing our milk and sharing in the organic movement. Like all our dairy products, this lactose free milk starts as wholesome, organic milk from the pastures of our family farms. Then, we simply add a natural enzyme to break down the lactose and do the work some digestive systems can't. So you can enjoy all the nutrition of real organic milk. Always handled with care.• Cows are part of our family and respect for animals is a part of how we do business.• You wouldn't put them on your table, so we never use antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, or GMOs.• Milk from our pasture-fed cows naturally delivers calcium for strong bones.• Our 57 quality checks ensure your milk arrives tasting as fresh as it can be. Ulta Pasteurized Homogenized All of the Nutrition. None of the Lactose.