Sown Creamer Oat Vanilla

Planted. Never milked. Call it a mantra, or a pledge, or a contrarian, agrarian belief. We believe in Sowing seeds of optimism, and the milk of human kindness. We believe cow milk is best for wee cows, but not we humans. And we believe in growing a plant-based food system a plant-based food system that doesn't milk resources. It's good for bodies. It's good for the earth that sustains said bodies. This is how we roll (our oats). Dignify Your Coffee. We think your coffee deserves a creamer with a conscience. Say hello to our certified organic creamer. Custom crafted from our own oat base recipe, with oats sourced from certified North American growers. Your coffee also deserves a creamer that knows how to do its job. To respect, not dominate. To complement, not detract. Because your coffee is worthy of a creamer that rises to the occasion. FSC mix board FSC.