Maple Hill Creamery Kefir, Organic, Plain

Cultured whole milk. Unsweetened. 100% grassfed. PCO Certified: 100% grassfed. Contains 10 live & active kefir culture. No artificial anything, no antibiotics, no hormones, no GMOs, no additives. No corn, no grain, just grass! USDA Organic. Real certified organic ingredients. Certified organic by PCO. Gluten free. Belly-friendly probiotics. Grade A. Better for cows. Better for us. All of our milk comes from our own maple hill cows! America's original 100% grass fed organic dairy. Milk the way nature intended from pasture raised cows. Butterfly: Dharma Lea Farm. Sharon Springs, NY. I'm a mom of two, monarch and aurora. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Twitter.