Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Yogurt Blueberry

Redwood Hill Farm® Goat Milk Yogurt Blueberry. Delicious grade A. Since 1968. Certified® humane. Raised & handled. Net wt 6 oz (170g). Goat milk yogurt is a delicious treat for anyone who enjoys real dairy and may work for people with special dietary needs. We only use freshest, Grade A milk straight from the farms and culture our yogurts slowly with a carefully crafted recipe. Seasonal variations in texture are normal. Perishable. America's favorite goat milk yogurt. All our goats have names. This beautiful Doeling is Biafra, circa 1969. "Raising goats has been a lifelong love that started for me with 4-H. Showing goats is something I've done all my life." Certified humane. Certified kosher. Gluten-free. Learn more at