Happy Campers Gluten Free Wild Buns

Vegan, soy free, potato free, rice free, and corn free! Seed-flour power! 4 g fiber; 4 g protein per serving. Adventures, recipes, healthy tips: happycampersgf.com. Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. www.HappyCampersGF.com. Produced in a gluten free facility. Yummy, healthy, allergy-friendly - There you have it, the bread of your dreams! Go ahead, check out our ingredient label - be amazed! We gathered wholesome millet, teff, quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth seeds, ground them into flour, added a knapsack full of other healthy foods and baked it all into this delicious loaf. It's full of flavor and nutrition, ready to nourish and energize your every day. Eat it up and be a happy camper! Meet your bakers! We dreamed up the idea for Happy Campers in a college dorm room, got our start at local farmers markets, and now are proud to bring our delicious, gluten-free breads to you. They're the products of our passion for good food and good health, lovingly and locally created with guidance from our naturopathic doctor friends. When we're not in the kitchen, you'll probably find us and our dog, Bisko, on the trails or the rocks somewhere in the Northwest woods - often with a Happy Campers sandwich in hand to fuel our adventures. - Lacy and Jan.