Eden Soy Extra Original Soymilk

Original Edensoy Extra is organic Edensoy fortified with the most biologically available vitamins and minerals. High maltose, unrefined malt sweetener helps make it appealing to all. Edensoy is U.S. organic family soybeans, grown and handled using no harmful chemicals. After making Edensoy, the removed hulls and fiber go to organic farms as feed. Edensoy’s Eden selected real-organic ingredients, purified water, meticulous engineering, and 240 continuous quality control checks ensure it is the best tasting, most nourishing soymilk there is. Edensoy was the first soymilk in North America to be verified to Non-GMO Project Standards. No chemical additives, undeclared chemical processing aids, or refined sugar is used. Edensoy is the only non-dairy liquid food with kombu sea vegetable that provides unique trace minerals and taste enhancing benefits.