Eden Soy Original Soymilk

Edensoy, a game changer that rocked the boat. The original non-dairy liquid food introduced July 1983 in Denver. It created the new plant-based, nondairy liquid food category, and it remains the only U.S. soymilk that is properly prepared to nurture human beings. Delicious tasting protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy phytonutrients. Real organic Edensoy can be used in anyway cow’s milk is: on cereal, in sauces, smoothies, to make yogurt, or to drink from a glass. Thorough know-how of the best way to prepare soy for easy assimilation is carried out. Edensoy is Eden selected real-organic ingredients, with purified water, meticulous engineering, and 240 continuous quality control checks to reliably ensure it tastes great and is the most nourishing soymilk there is. Edensoy was the first soymilk in North America to be verified to Non-GMO Project Standards. No refined sugar, no chemical additives or undeclared chemical processing aids are needed or used. Edensoy is the only non-dairy liquid food with kombu sea vegetable that provides unique trace minerals and taste enhancing benefits.