Rise Brewing Co Oat Milk Original

Dance often. Creamy & smooth. Why is a nitro coffee company making an oat milk? Good question! We started Rise with a simple mission: to make better tasting beverages with better ingredients. To create our award-winning lattes we tested every plant-based milk on the planet, and oat milk was love at first taste. One problem! At Rise, we only use organic ingredients and organic oat milk did not exist. (That is not the problem, that is the future). So, we did exactly what we did with our coffee, and set out to make our own. Our ingredients do not include any gums and binders- simply organic oats, sunflowers, salt and water. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it for you! Barista approved loved by kids, too. All added sugars are created in the hydrolysis of organic oat flour. It's all good. No artificial colors. No gums. Only 4 ingredients.