Bianco DiNapoli Tomato Crushed

Mission: Connect the Dots: A seed, a field, and a quiet factory. That's how it begins each winter. It ends with the can of tomatoes you're holding. Our mission is to bring you the very best that California Agriculture and human ingenuity has to offer. Product: Produced from organically grown fresh picked California tomatoes, our Crushed Tomatoes are steam peeled, chopped and seeded, then blended with a rich puree. Perfect for Pizza, Pasta or Salsas. Chris Bianco: A James Beard award winning chef and founder of the critically acclaimed Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix Arizona, Chris's entire career has been built on relationships with Farmers and Artisans supporting and celebrating the fruits of their labor. Rob DiNapoli: Since 1939, when Rob's Grandfather produced the first case of canned Apricots from his San Jose, CA factory the DiNapoli family have been delivering California grown and processed fruits and vegetables for the world to enjoy. Original Oil Painting: Leonard Bianco.