Crown Prince Anchovies in Olive Oil

Anchovies are prepared using the oldest known method of preserving food - salt curing. We start with the highest quality fresh anchovies and place them in barrels in alternate layers with sea salt. Maturing occurs from 3-12 months. A slower maturing process is better for extended shelf life. After curing, the anchovies are cleaned and packed by hand in pure olive oil. Their unique flavor is perfect for salads, casseroles and pizza. * Hand-filleted and hand-packed in pure cold-pressed olive oil * Non-GMO Project Verified * Friend of the Sea Certified Sustainable Seafood * Contains 145 mg omega-3 per serving * Certified Paleo; Keto Certified; Gluten free; Kosher * Available in 1.5-ounce resealable jars * Sustainably wild caught, Product of Morocco