Safe Catch Pink Salmon, No Salt Added, Skinless & Boneless

Wild Pacific pink salmon. Delicious slow cooked premium wild salmon. 21 grams protein. Paleo Certified. Gluten free. Omega 3s. All nutrients retained. Not a sodium free food. Non-GMO Project verified. Every single salmon mercury tested. Mercury tested. Protecting you and your ocean. Pink Salmon is an FDA Best Choice. Using our breakthrough technology, we make it even better by testing every sustainably caught salmon for mercury. No other brand does this. We hand cut and pack raw salmon fillets to retain all Omega 3 oils, and slow cook each one to perfection. We hope you love it! - Sean & Bryan, Founders. Safe Catch Pink Salmon is lower in average mercury than other wild Alaska pink salmon. Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Total Mercury in Alaska's Fish 2018. Mercury average is 50x below FDA Mercury Limit. Every salmon tested to a mercury limit of 0.04 parts per million. Dolphin safe. Additive free. American Pregnancy Association: Official Salmon. Whole30 Approved. Sustainably caught. Ocean Wise Recommended. Fish wild caught in the Alaska Salmon Fishery or Northern Pacific Ocean. Packed in Thailand.