Lesser Evil Popcorn Sweet n Salty

Sinful taste. Clean snacks. 100% air popped. Organic, rich in nutrients, allergen-family and minimally processed. We are pop the post tender butterfly popcorn, making it lighter and fluffier than other pre-packed popcorn. Our popcorn is tumbled in the best oils and sprinkled with himalayan pink salt - the purest form of salt available. The mindful moment manifesto. Life is jammed with choices. Enough that we forget that life is a journey we are all taking together. We crave flavor. We hunger for connection. We need balance. That's why LesserEvil makes snacks. Sinfully tasty snacks made from clean, sustainable ingredients. It's a lot of work but it's not just, it's who you are. We are scrappy - Dunbury, connecticut kind of scrappy. We work at our own snack factory where we control every ingredient, recipe and process. It's on East Coast kind of zen. When wellness guides your spirit, you are your own guru. Made with NEO plastic to energy. NEO plastics can increase biogas production at municipal landfills, supporting biogas clean energy programs. See NEOPlastics.com. Please discard responsibly.