Caboo Paper Towels Tree Free

Zero trees cut, one tree planted. Made from sustainable bamboo. 2 family size rolls. 1 planet earth. Tree free paper towels. Let's clean up this mess. Clean up messes big and small. Tree free Caboo is as strong and absorbent as regular paper towels. And way better for the earth. Caboo: No Wood: Tree free! <2 gallons of water per roll. Bamboo regrows in 1-2 years. Versus. Tree Paper: Forest loss.Approx.60 gallons water per roll. Trees take 30 years to grow. Toxin free. Save 544,000 trees. That's the impact if every U.S household replaced just one roll of regular paper towels with Caboo this year. Kindly thank you. Our hero. USDA Certified Biobased Product: Product 100%. No animal testing. Caboo Planet Re-Leaf: 0 trees cut, 1 tree planted. For more info, visit