World Centric 9 Inch Plates

Sustainable & compostable. World Centric 9 Inch Plates. For a better world. Made from wheat straw, not trees. Non-allergenic. 9 inch x 20. What does your plate say about you These plates made from discarded wheat straw say a lot. They say you care about the environment because they are made from annually renewable resources, unlike plates made from trees. They also compost in 3-6 months in a commercial or home composting system, which says you care about properly disposing of waste. With small steps like these, we can make a big impact. For more information visit Our plates take less energy to make. Our ecoprofile analysis shows we make 3 palates using the same total energy it takes to make one from styrofoam! We donate 25% of net profits to grass roots social and environmental organizations. 0 Carbon Footprint. We offset all carbon. Our product life cycle begins and ends in the same place. Made from wheat straw, it breaks down during composting in 3-6 months, making nutrient rich soil - starting the process all over again. We planted 175,000 trees in 2009.