Le Pain des Fleurs Ancient Grain Crispbread

The bread of flowers. Deliciously gluten free. Low fat. Cholesterol free. Sugar free. Rice. Buckwheat. Millet. Gluten free. GMO free. USDA organic. Our Commitment: To create superior products, you must begin with the finest organic ingredients nature has to offer. That is what we believe and practice. We have searched the world for the finest quality organic ancient grains of millet and buckwheat. We then blend organic rice and lightly toast to create a wholesome snack. In the end, you have the true, honest taste of nature - the bread of flowers. 100% Organic: First harvested close to 6,000 years ago, organic millet and organic buckwheat are considered the oldest of the ancient grains with organic rice and a touch of sea salt to create an ancient taste that satisfies the modern palate. Gluten Free: Certified gluten free and allergy friendly without gluten, dairy, egg, soy or yeast. Produced at a dedicated gluten free facility to ensure full flavor and zero worry. Hearty Crunch: The most ancient of grains brought to life for today's busy family. Our 100% organic crispbread is a light and crispy treat everyone is sure to enjoy. Made with whole grain millet and buckwheat these are the perfect bread replacement. Great with almost any combination of cheese, meats and spreads. www.lepaindesfleurs.fr. Ancient Grains Crispbread: 100% organic; low fat; cholesterol free; sugar free; gluten free. No: Yeast, dairy, egg, wheat, soy. Certified organic by EcoCert France SAS. Made in dedicated gluten free factory. Product of France. Made in France.