Living Intentions Cereal, Superfood, Acai Blueberry

Made with organic maqui berry, amla berry and elderberry. Sprouted. Vegan. Nut free. Raw. Gluten free. Made from sprouted goodness. 92% organic. What is your Living Intention? New & improved. Open with purpose. Today I will share my love with family! Love the process. Love the outcome. Living Intentions has created a pivotal paradigm shift in the world of healthy eating. Our innovative and nourishing products are designed with purpose and care. Unique blends of exotic ingredients creates Living Intentions' spectacular, culinary difference. Making healthy food choices should be simple; and it is when you try any one of our amazing food creations. We embrace the intention of optimally balanced and vibrant lifestyles; and we are most excited about sharing our living intentions with you. Redefining the standard. Wake Up to Something New: Superfood cereal redefines the standard for healthy breakfast cereals. Our innovative cereal creations are made from a combination of live sprouted ingredients, an optimal balance of complete proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants and fiber. Each flavor is light and crunchy, super tasty and enhanced with a unique blend of the most fortified superfoods our planet offers. Energize, harmonize, and activate your morning - Wake up raw with superfood cereal. Superfood Index and Facts: Acai - Amazonian grown; 30 times more antioxidants than in red wine; close to perfect amino acid complex. Blueberry - High in antioxidants, low in calories; enhances memory and stimulates brain activity. Maqui berry - Contains unusual high amounts of delphiniums, an antioxidant which decreases inflammation; increases insulin production more than any other known plant. Elderberry - dark purple berry used to fight the flu; antiviral and immune system stimulant). Amla berry - Super dense in vitamin C; revered for 5000 years in Ayurvedic medicine, anti-aging and immune building effects. Camu camu - Amazonian grown; more vitamin C than any other botanical on the planet; myriad of health benefits including mood balancing effects. Visit us at Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Pure food ingredients. No weird stuff added. Certified organic: Oregon Tilth. Certified paleo: Paleo certified. High vibration. Outrageous flavor. Spectacular difference. Sprouted. Raw food. Gluten free. Vegan. Made with love, made with intention. (These statements have not been approved by the FDA.)