Oceans Halo The Seaweed Snack, Maui Onion

USDA organic. Mild onion with a touch of sweet. Lightly roasted. Full of B-12 & iodine. Swim against the tide. Eat seaweed. What's better than a regular old seaweed sheet? Our yummy organic seaweed snacks are made with sustainably harvested seaweed, packed with good-for-you vitamins, like B12, and rich in minerals, like iodine, that are super important to your health. Like them? Tell us: fb.com/oceanshalo. (at)oceanshalo. This product uses compostable packaging materials. Please recycle this bag. Certified organic by CU. Certified vegan. vegan.org. No gluten ingredients. USDA organic. We donate 2% of our profits to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Children's Education Fund to inspire ocean conservation. www.oceanshalo.com. Product of Korea.