Blackwing Meats Buffalo Patties, Grass Fed, Organic

Gourmet quality. All natural. No artificial ingredients - minimal processing. 100% American bison. Rich in protein. All the delicious flavor of beef - yet 71% less fat and 50% fewer calories than USDA data for chicken! US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. USDA organic. No GMO. Gluten free. Our Commitment: Blackwing specializes in lean meats that are 100% natural. Our products are high in protein yet always lower in fat and calories when compared to beef and pork. We only select gourmet quality cuts and always strive to make your experience a memorable occasion. I wish to thank you for trying our Blackwing Bison and hope all of our products may be part of your healthy diet. Sincerely, Beth Allison Kaplan Vice President & Executive Chef. Ground Buffalo Serving Size 4 oz. (112g): 200 calories; 23 g protein; 9 g fat; 57 mg cholesterol. Whole Chicken (Source: USDA Agriculture Handbook 8) Serving Size 4 oz. (112g): 241 calories; 21 g protein; 16.9 g fat; 84 mg cholesterol. Regular Ground Beef Source: USDA Agriculture Handbook 8) Serving Size 4 oz. (112g): 356 calories; 20 g protein; 30.2 g fat; 81 mg cholesterol. Pork Loin Chop Source: USDA Agriculture Handbook 8) Serving Size 4 oz. (112g): 221 calories; 22 g protein; 14.0 g fat; 71 mg cholesterol. Recipes & more Certified organic by CCOF. CCOF: California Certified Organic Farmers. Calories reduced from 356 to 200 and fat reduced from 30.2 g to 9.0 g per serving. Always 100% bison. Rich in protein. Buffalo is a low sodium food. Please try all of our lean products from bison filet, ostrich steaks and filets, burgers and sausage. Each distinctively different. Product of the USA.