Echo Falls Salmon, Smoked, Wild Alaska Sockeye

Sliced & ready to enjoy. Easy-peel slices. Alaska seafood. All natural. Finest hardwood & herbs. Traditional pure smoked salmon. From the crystal clear icy waters of Alaska comes our wild sockeye salmon. Prized for its high oil content and full, rich flavor, this brilliant red salmon is dry-cured, following traditional methods used by generations of fishermen. We use applewood to naturally smoke the sockeye very slowly, giving it a superb, rich, smoky flavor and firm texture. It has been fully trimmed of fat, thinly sliced, and is ready for your enjoyment. Try our other fine products, too. Discover the pleasures of our all natural smoked salmon. Discover Echo Falls. Try our sockeye wrapped around chilled honeydew melon slices. Or slice a croissant and lay in thin layers along with capers and cream cheese.