Purina Beggin’ Adventures Venison Dog Treats - 23.5 oz. Pouch

Let your dog venture off the beaten path with Purina Beggin' Adventures Venison Flavor adult dog treats. With meaty venison flavor in every bite, these tender strips give your dog a nibble of nature's wildness, along with the big, bacon-y taste that he already loves. The blend of ingredients invites dogs to sample the simple pleasures of their ancestors without overlooking the comfort of tastes that are closer to home. Real meat is the #1 ingredient in every pouch. Our recipe doesn't use artificial flavors, so he gets only the authentic taste and aroma that he seeks. Every bite-sized dog treat boasts a meaty texture that he can sink his teeth into, whether you're hiking together in the forest or just hanging out in the backyard. Spark his excitement at snack time with these venison flavor dog treats, or bring along the whole pouch on your next adventure. With the wildly delicious flavors of real bacon and venison, these meaty-licious dog snacks open up a frontier of fun with every strip. Trek with your dog into unexplored territory with Purina Beggin' Adventures Venison Flavor adult dog treats. Each dog snack blends together real bacon and the untamed flavor of venison for a great taste that satisfies his appetite for adventure. Real meat is the #1 ingredient, giving your dog a high-quality source of protein with the flavor he's sniffing for every day. The meaty dog strips are made without artificial flavors or FD&C colors, so you know he's getting genuine taste. Your dog is an important member of your family, but he comes from a canine family tree, too. These venison flavor and bacon dog treats combine his favorite Beggin' flavor with the diet of his ancestors, complementing the bacon taste with a novel ingredient that he instinctively craves. The mouthwatering treats are smaller than the original Beggin' dog strips, so you can offer a whole strip to larger dogs or break them into little pieces for adult small and toy breeds. Your dog does what comes naturally, whether he's racing through a forest, rolling on the grass or napping on the sofa. Show him that you understand his zest for life by trying other Beggin' Adventures recipes, including Purina Beggin' Adventures Blend of Turkey, Duck and Quail Flavors adult dog treats.Every batch of Purina Beggin' Adventures Venison Flavor adult dog treats is proudly made at Purina-owned facilities in the USA. We keep a close eye on production at every step to ensure that your pet is getting a quality product with every batch that we make. Purina conducts over 100,000 daily quality and safety checks across our U.S. facilities for your peace of mind. Each ingredient can be traced back to our trusted sources to be sure we continue to provide safe, nutritious pet food and treats. Purina believes that pets and people are better together—a philosophy that's helped us push forward pet nutrition for more than 90 years. Real meat is the #1 ingredient Made with real bacon to bring dogs running Real venison flavor offers a taste of the wild Crafted without artificial flavors Made without FD&C colors Bite-sized meaty dog strips get him excited Meaty texture for a satisfying chew