Purina Beneful Superfood Blend With Beef & Salmon in Sauce Adult Wet Dog Food - 9 oz. Tub

Love your dog from the inside out with every helping of Beneful Superfood Blend With Beef & Salmon, Pumpkin, Spinach and Sorghum In Sauce wet dog food. Crafted with a nutritious blend of superfoods, including protein-rich salmon, this recipe nourishes your dog while satisfying his craving for meaty taste. With every bowlful, your special canine gets the surf-and-turf flavors he loves from chunks with hearty beef and mouthwatering salmon, along with added nutrients and flavor from pumpkin and spinach, all swimming in a decadent sauce dogs can't resist. We make this wholesome adult wet dog food with real, recognizable ingredients, so you know he's getting a whole lot of love and 100% complete, balanced nutrition in every single morsel. This Beneful wet dog food recipe is rich in antioxidants to support your canine's healthy immune system. It's also high in protein to help maintain strong muscles, while omega-6 fatty acids in this Beneful Superfood Blend support skin and coat health. With each serving, he gets just what his body needs and nothing it doesn't, since this flavor-packed wet food for dogs contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Healthful, flavorful, Beneful. Make sure your best friend knows he's your top dog by filling his dish with Beneful Superfood Blend With Beef & Salmon, Pumpkin, Spinach and Sorghum In Sauce wet dog food. Each bowlful satisfies his innate cravings for delectable meat and seafood with a tasty blend of beef and salmon. To really get his taste buds in the game, we accent this delicious wet dog food with pumpkin and spinach, ensuring he gets a punch of extra flavor and nutrients in each and every serving. This nutrient-rich blend with superfoods also has antioxidants to help support his immune system, keeping him healthy and strong for all your adventurous days together. The chunky texture is easy for him to chew, and tempting sauce surrounds each morsel, encouraging him to keep eating until his bowl is empty. Our Beneful Superfood Blend contains ingredients you recognize and trust, so your adult dog gets 100% complete and balanced nutrition without sacrificing flavor or quality. Mixed in with all the deliciousness, this recipe includes high-quality protein to support strong muscles plus omega-6 fatty acids to support the health of his beautiful coat and skin. Your dog counts on you to provide only the best products. With each tub of Beneful wet dog food, you can have confidence you're giving him food that's safe, full of flavor and beneficial for him. We make this recipe in our U.S. facilities, so you never need to second guess its quality or safety. He gets robust flavor he loves, minus any artificial flavors, colors and preservatives, so all he tastes is wholesome goodness at every meal. Trust Beneful Superfood Blend With Beef & Salmon, Pumpkin, Spinach and Sorghum In Sauce wet dog food to meet your dog's nutritional requirements and keep him happy and satisfied. Healthful, flavorful, Beneful. Contains beef and salmon to satisfy his craving for meaty flavors Contains superfoods, including salmon, pumpkin and spinach Made with real, recognizable ingredients No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives Decadent sauce provides flavor and moisture Provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs Protein-rich recipe supports healthy muscles