Purina Kit & Kaboodle Outdoor Adult Dry Cat Food - 35 lb. Bag

Pay special attention to the nutritional needs of your outdoor cat with Purina Kit & Kaboodle Outdoor adult dry cat food. This crunchy kibble combines two cat-pleasing flavors, chicken and ocean fish, in one delectable recipe. The delightful shapes engage your cat's interest and encourage her to stay at her dish until every last bite is gone. Formulated to deliver 100% complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages, this recipe provides your adventurous cat the energy to stay active throughout her lifespan. Essential nutrients help keep her coat and skin healthy, so she looks her best, while also supporting her immune health. We manufacture this food for cats in Purina-owned US facilities. Help your outdoor cat stay healthy by serving Purina Kit & Kaboodle Outdoor dry cat food, and show your furry friend you care about both her well-being and her flavor cravings. Deliver 100% complete and balanced nutrition to your outdoor cat's dish when you stock your pantry with this large bag of Purina Kit & Kaboodle Outdoor adult dry cat food. Can't decide between poultry and seafood flavors at mealtime? With this dry food for cats, you don't have to choose. Chicken and ocean fish flavors contribute to a tasty recipe cats love, and two fun shapes in every serving encourage your cat to pounce and play with her food before she nibbles the crunchy kibble all up. Your cat knows she's a real beauty. Help keep her coat looking shiny and her skin in peak condition with this formula, which also supports her immune health. Formulated to promote energy in active outdoor cats, this wholesome recipe includes vitamins to support her overall health. Our delicious Kit & Kaboodle cat food is ideal for felines of all life stages and breeds.You try your best to provide the nutrition your furry companion needs to stay healthy, energetic and content. Trust Purina to help. For more than 90 years, Purina has been pushing pet nutrition forward with innovative recipes and research that have made us an industry leader. Our nutritionist carefully develops each Kit & Kaboodle formula to address your cat's specific needs. We manufacture this Kit & Kaboodle recipe in Purina-owned facilities in the USA. Purina conducts over 100,000 daily quality and safety checks across our U.S. facilities for peace of mind. Make sure to keep a large bag of this purr-fectly delicious cat food on hand so your kitty doesn't have to wait around when her tummy starts rumbling. You put a lot of thought into the products you buy for your cat. For quality nutrition and a whisker-licking flavor she adores, serve Purina Kit & Kaboodle Outdoor adult dry cat food. It really is the whole Kit & Kaboodle. Combines chicken and ocean fish flavors 100% complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages Supports immune health Helps keep your cat's skin and coat healthy Two fun shapes engage her attention at mealtime Crunchy texture Manufactured in Purina-owned U.S. facilities