Three Twins Ice Cream, Madagascar Vanilla

Organic. From the land of lemurs comes the world's best vanilla. Organic vanilla ice cream. Madagascar Vanilla is our first vanilla, but it is far from just vanilla. No, no, no. There is nothing plain or boring or decidedly mediocre about this vanilla and its hundreds of flavor compounds. We use vanilla from a very well-known vanilla company, not a chemical company as is so often the case. Great ice cream is impossible without a great base. We use milk, cream, sugar and eggs. And that's it. You won't find any corn syrup or seaweed derivatives here, or anything else ridiculous, for that matter. As the guy who came up with the recipe, I, of course, love the taste of our Madagascar Vanilla. The trait that I am most proud of, however, is its flawless texture. I'm really not much of a braggart, but our vanilla is so impossibly smooth and delightful that it still leaves me in awe. Plus, you fund the purchase of ten square feet of land with the purchase of each quart through our innovative land conservation initiative, Ice Cream for acres! Neal. Neal Gottlieb. Founding twin. 10 sq. feet: Your purchase protects at least 10 square feet of land through Ice Cream for Acres. Ice Cream for Acres. 1% for the Planet member. USDA organic. Three Twins Ice Cream certified organic by CCOF.